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Gold Neodymium Kit

  • Our New Neodymium Magnetic Therapy Kit is an assortment of 14 of our most popular Neodymium spot magnets and adhesives. The beauty of this magnetic therapy kit is you can use the right size magnet anywhere on your body to provide magnetic therapy. This kit has (14) high powered magnets ranging in gauss strength (6000-2500) The magnet has an indention/plus  on the positive side of the magnet.

Each Neodymium magnet is composed of Neodymium, boron, and ferrite powders. Then, a three plating process (Ni/Cr/Ni) applied to the magnet before the Hypoallergenic gold plating. All of our neodymium magnets are N-50 grade neodymium. Our magnets provide the greatest amount of energy of any magnet of a comparable size. Our neodymium magnets also includes an indention mark on the Bio South (+) side of the magnet to identify the side of the magnet that goes away from the skin. Included in the kit are application adhesives. They are high quality cloth breathable adhesive patches. The adhesives are tan in color, breathable cloth material, and hypoallergenic adhesive. These neodymium magnets can be used for headaches, back pain, muscle soreness, poor circulation and other aliments. We do not recommend this product for anyone with a pacemaker or who is pregnant. We also carry individual replacement adhesives. 

Magnetic Therapy Kit Includes:

(2) 1inch by 3mm neodymium magnets (6000 gauss)

(2) 3/4 inch by 2mm neodymium magnets (4000 gauss)

(4) 1/2 inch by 2 mm neodymium magnets (3500 gauss)

(6) 1/4 inch by 2 mm neodymium magnets (2500 Gauss)


(20) 1.5 inch Round Adhesives

(20) 3/4 inch Round Adhesives

(2) Finger Adhevsives


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