"A Bed magnet relieved my back pain" Marcy Edwards. You're here to have fun, Marcy reminded herself as she trudged through Walt Disney World with her family. But it was hard to feel happy when her first kiddie coster had sent darts of pain shooting through her lower back. Why can't I have just one good day? She thought glumly. Marcy's back pain had been a problem ever since she sustained an injury as a teen. "little things like retreving a dropped fork were diffcult for me," she confides. Massage therapy brought some relief, but keeping up with the appointments was diffcult. When Marcy spotted an ad for a Magnetic Mattress Pad designed for chronic pain, she decided to give it a shot. After a few days of sleeping on the pad, she bent over a to tie her shoes and felt....nothing. "No pain-no kidding, " She says. In fact, this years family vacation was a horseaback-riding trip in Montana. Marcy raves, "I finally have my life back!"