Stainless Steel Dolphin Magnetic Ring

Reference ID: R-122A

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic Rings may help relieve pain in your hands and fingers, also may help reduce inflammation, stiffness and circulation to your outer limbs. Simply wear the magnetic ring on the finger with the most pain.

MTSS Exclusive

This magnetic ring can be worn on any finger. If you have arthritis in your fingers or knuckle, a magnetic ring may relieve the pain. Magnetic rings may help blood circulation through out your hands and fingers.  This stainless steel magnetic ring is great for everyday wear.

  • Magnetic ring Specs
  • 1 Neodymium magnets
  • 2500 Gauss strength per magnet
  • Stainless Steel with Gold Plating
  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable 6-10
  • Magnetic ring 
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