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Magnetic Insoles Foam

Reference ID: OM-INS-F

These magnetic insoles utilize a double foam laminate with embedded cap magnets protruding from the topside to provide acupressure point therapy and magnetic therapy. The magnetic insoles have (8) 1000 gauss magnets. Many magnetic insoles may help with foot ailments.


Magnetic Therapy's Magnetic Insoles are designed for athletic shoes or any shoes that have a little room to accommodate the thicker double foam design!

Foam Acupressure Magnetic Insoles Information: 
Embedded with acupressure magnets to stimulate and relieve the feet, targeting reflex points with magnetic therapy, providing double therapies within these comfortable magnetic insoles. This foam magnetic insoles top layer is terry cloth, which provides moisture wicking, and comfort. These magnetic insoles are designed with a trimming template on the backside, which enables you to trim to fit with scissors. This set of magnetic insoles is about 1/8th inches thick, and is excellent for athletic shoes, or you can take out your current insoles and replace them with this double padded insole, which you may find to be better than insole supplied with the shoe. These magnetic insoles may be found useful for painful bone spurs, gout, circulation problems, and arthritis.

Acupressure Foam Magnetic Insoles Features:

  • (8) 1000-gauss Bio-North (-) magnets in each side insole (16 total magnets) Accommodates men and women’s sizes up to 13
  • Trimming template provided on both insoles
  • Men’s trim sizes 7,8,9,10,11, & 12.
  • Women's sizes will convert from the men’s and will fit most women’s shoes with trimming.
  • Example: Men's size 7 = Women's 8.5, Men's 8 = Women's 9.5 and so on adding 1.5 to the men’s size. Half sizes should achieve by trimming evenly between the two sizes on the template. 
  • Hand wash, Air Dry
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