Magnetic Hematite Silver Bracelet

Reference ID: H-433

Magnetic Therapy hematite bracelets are for all the fashion lovers out there. This magnetic bracelet is 7 inches with a flex cord.  There are 42 hematite magnets with a gauss surface strength of 200 per magnet. This bracelet has a magnetic close. 


This Hematite Magnetic Bracelet is a beauty of a Fashion bracelet. This magnetic bracelet is fashioned with (42) hematite Silver 

 Magnetic Therapy is provided by: The Magnetic Tuchi Pearls at 200 gauss each. This beautiful magnetic bracelet may provide all types of relief for arthritis, Ganglion Cords, Ganglion Cysts, bad circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bone spurs.

 Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Information

  • (42) Silver Hematite Tuchi Pearls each providing 200 Gauss surface strength of magnetic energy.
  • Stretch flexi-band cord for an easy slip on bracelet
  • This bracelet is 7 inches in length 
  • This bracelet is on a flex cord
  • This is a beautiful piece of magnetic jewelry, great for casual wear or matching that stylish black dress, and great with blue jeans.
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