Magnetic Wrist Wrap
  • Magnetic Wrist Wrap

Magnetic Wrist Wrap

Reference ID: TC-WR

Our magnetic wrist wrap can provide support to the tendons through out your wrist. The magnetic wrist wrap may help arthritis, carpal tunnel and may increase blood flow to the hands.

It is very easy to hand clean and air dry if the product gets soiled! For Carpal Tunnel we suggest the Carpal Tunnel wrist wrap, or the Neodymium Pow-R- Bracelet group. 


This magnetic wrist wrap has a simple design, for great support and excellent magnetic therapy.  Our magnetic wrist wrap has adjustable Velcro™ closure, for all athletes, or anyone needing wrist support.

Magnetic Therapy: 
This Magnetic wrist wrap contains (9) 1000 gauss bio-north disc magnets.

Magnetic wrist wrap construction

Cotton/Poly/Nylon fabric

Adjustable Velcro closure


Hand wash, air dry

11.5 inches in length by 3-inch in width