Magnetic Elbow Tube
  • Magnetic Elbow Tube

Magnetic Elbow Support

Reference ID: TC-EL-T-MED

Magnetic Therapy's Magnetic Elbow Support has (18) 700 Gauss surface strength rated health magnets are providing magnetic therapy around your elbow area. A magnetic elbow support may help reduce pain of slight elbow injuries, especially ones like tennis or golf elbow.


Our magnetic Elbow support can be used for muscle aches, tendonitis, arthritis and other problems around the elbow area. Our Magnetic Elbow support is made from soft, cotton/poly/elastic for great support with a cotton-lining which combines magnetic therapy and heat therapy for natural pain relief.

Magnetic Therapy: 
Features (18) 700-gauss magnets. Sewn into the lining in a circular pattern to completely encapsulate the arm with magnetic penetration.

Magnetic Elbow Support construction:

  • Cotton/Poly/Nylon fabric
  • Cotton inner lining
  • Med. 9 inches in Circumference
  • Lrg. 10 inches in Circumference
  • X-Lg. 11 10 inches in Circumference
  • All Elbow tubes are 9 inches in length
  • Tan
  • Hand wash, air dry

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