Magnetic Tennis Elbow Band
  • Magnetic Tennis Elbow Band

Magnetic Tennis Elbow Strap


Magnetic Therapy's Magnetic Arm support, also known as magnetic Tennis Elbow Band has (6) 1000 Gauss surface strength rated health magnets are provided along with the strapping ability to control that aching tendon with dual support of magnetic therapy and pressure control. Small/Med 12 inches Large/XL 15 Inches in length



Magnetic Therapy decided to help the golfers, tennis players and all people with tendonitis of the elbow by designing this Magnetic Tennis Elbow Support. This magnetic elbow pressure strap was designed for daily use or sports wear.

  •  Magnetic Therapy: 
This magnetic elbow support is 2-inches wide, and this band provides (6) 1000-gauss surface strength rated health magnets right on the painful tendon location.
  • Magnetic Tennis Elbow support construction:
  • Cotton/Poly/Nylon fabric, Cotton/nylon inner lining.
  • Metal D-bar provides for an easy one-hand adjustment
  • Adjustable velcro closure provides extra support, and the magnets provide the magnetic therapy.
  • Tan color
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Medium is 12 inches in length, fitting up to and including a 10 inch below the elbow circumference
  •  The Large size tennis elbow strap is 15 inches in length and accommodate up to 12.5 inch below the elbow circumference arm size.

** Be sure to measure your arm** and order the correct size! Why use a regular restriction band when you have the opportunity to utilize both, restriction and magnetic energy? The magnetic therapy may even make your pain disappear! 

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