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Hand Cuff Bracelets

Reference ID: B-322

Look and feel great with this European designer handcuff bracelet. This beautiful bracelet with stainless steel handcuff design bracelet has the precision technical latch used by many local police departments. (non-magnetic)


This "Edgy" European Hand-Cuff bracelet is "HOT". The Fashionable Hand Cuff Bracelet is great in any color. This bracelet features a polished stainless steel center and spring-loaded clasp and Stainless Pins.

  • Spring Loaded clasp
  • 2.5 inches in height
  • 3 inches wide
  • 3/8th of an inch wide
  • Hand Cuff Design
  • Fits (6 to 7.25 inch wrist)
  • 5 different colors
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