Magnetic Hematite Necklace

Reference ID: HN-501C

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy:  Our Hematite magnetic necklaces provide magnetic therapy to your shoulders, neck and upper back.  Magnetic Hematite necklaces may help reduce arthritis pain, muscle soreness, and stiffness in your neck and any pain in the shoulder areas. In 2008 FDA approved the first magnetic pulse device to treat depression.


Hematite is a natural substance made from iron ore. Hematite contains 70% iron ore and 30% oxygen. Hematite is a beautiful shiny black to silver mineral. Hematite Necklaces can be used everyday for fashion or magnetic therapy. Magnets may help relieve pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel, stiffness, muscle pain, and circulation to our outer limbs.

Magnetic therapy is provided by: This beautiful magnetic energy necklace is made in three different colors of Magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearls. Each magnetic pearl has 600 gauss rated surface strength per pearl. You will look gorgeous while receiving the benefits of magnetic energy.

Magnetic Hematite Bracelet construction:

  • (11) Magnetic Hematite Tuchi Pearls each providing 600 Gauss surface strength of magnetic energy.
  • (23) Non-magnetic White Pearl beads
  • (5) Lines of braided cable
  • Magnetic clasp for easy application and taking off
  • 18 inches long, but lays like a 16 inch necklace This is a beautiful piece of magnetic jewelry, great for casual wear or matching that stylish black dress, or your favorite blue jeans.


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