Magnetic Tsubo Ear Dot

Reference ID: OM-Tsubo

Tsubo Ear Dots, 800 Gauss small acupressure ear dot magnets for the ear, hand, and body. These mini magnets can be used for acupressure point applications. Tsubo magnets can also be used anywhere on the body.


Tsubo Ear Dots are small acupressure mini magnets. The ear dots can be used fo ears, hands, and body. These Tsubo Ear dots are excellent little magnets that provide great stimulation for acupressure application.

  • Tsubo Magnets Information:
  • Each Tsubo Ear Dot provides 800 gauss magnetic surface strength.
  • Polished Ceramic magnet / black
  • These mini magnets are 2 mm in diameter by .5mm in depth
  • The Tsubo Dots supplied on 0.35" diameter tan tape.
  • 100 Tsubo Ear Dot magnets per sheet and one sheet per order
  • Tsubo Magnet Application: The combination of using a tsubo ear dot magnets on acupressure points creates a synergy which enhances the treatment for a multitude of conditions from head to toe at the acupressure or meridian points. These Tsubo ear dots are great for the office or classroom on acupressure models, or on patients. These may be used to assist in appetite suppression, smoking suppression, depression and hundreds of other health issues when used correctly with the acupressure points
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