Magnetic Ear Dots

Reference ID: OM-EARDOT

Ear Dot Magnets - 800 Gauss each. These mag dots have a raised bullet shaped magnets on a small cloth adhesive. These magnetic ear dots are great for acupressure points on the ear, face, and hand. Just peel of the back of this ear dot magnet and apply directly to an acupressure point, or any meridian. These ear magnets work great for the Shen Mein and other acupressure points of the ear.


Ear dot magnets are great acupressure magnets. The ear dot magnets placed on a plastic peel-off sheet. These magnet ear dots are great for use on ear, face, hand and feet for use on acupressure and meridian points.

  • Ear Dot Magnet Information:
  • 60 Ear dots per sheet, one sheet per order
  • Each Ear dot is 2mm (0.08") in length by 1 mm in diameter
  • The magnet Ear Dot has 800 gauss magnetic surface strength which is great for the small surface area acupressure points
  • The Ear Dot cloth application adhesive is 6mm x 6mm tan colored adhesive tape.
  • Acupressure Magnet Ear Dot Application:
  • These magnetic acupressure ear dots are excellent for experimenting, or treatment for pin-point acupressure sensitive points anywhere on the body that needs attention. These magnetic ear dots can be used for any acupressure head, hand, and feet models for practice in the classroom, or office, or in the comfort of your own home.
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