Magnetic Gold Ear Pellets
  • Magnetic Gold Ear Pellets

Magnetic Gold Ear Pellets


Package contains 8 sheets of 20 1mm mini magnet gold plated spheres, with adhesives for easy acupressure applications.


  • These are gold plated small acupressure mini magnet spheres for the ear, hand, and body. These mini-magnet spheres are excellent little magnets that provide great stimulation for acupressure use, and being gold plated they are Hypo-allergenic.
  • Gold plated Mini Magnet Spheres Information:
  • Each Mini Magnet Sphere, also considered Ear Dots provides 600 gauss magnetic surface strength.
  • Gold Plated magnet sphere
  • These mini magnet spheres are 1 mm in diameter
  • The Golden Mini Spheres placed on 5mm adhesive tape.
  • 20 mini magnet spheres per sheet, and 8 sheets for a total of 160 acupressure mag dots 
  • Can be used on hands, head, or ears, with easy application
  • Gold 1 mm Mini Magnet Sphere's Acupressure Application: The combination of using the gold mini ear dot magnets on acupressure points creates a synergy which enhances the treatment for a multitude of conditions from head to toe at the acupressure or meridian points. These gold ear dots are great for the office or classroom on acupressure models, or on a body.
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