Water Conditioner Magnet
  • Water Conditioner Magnet

Water Conditioner Magnet

Reference ID: TC-Water Mag
  • Water that contains calcium, magnesium, lime scale, iron bacteria, and other minerals cause a home’s plumbing system to become full of lime or calcium deposits. Most people know this as "hard water". Without treatment, hard water attracted to and stick to pipe walls, hot water tank elements, faucets, and tea pots, to name a few, and form scale buildup.

First, magnetized water increases the alkalinity of water. An alkaline pH balances the biological terrain, which is especially important as we bathed in a pro-cancer acid environment due to modern day diet and pollution. Additionally, the ionizing magnetic field increases oxygenation between molecules, slowing the bacteria while improving the quality and taste of the water.

Based on Nature's law most Magnets have two poles, North and South. Every cell in the human body can be viewed as a small magnetic unit. This property is present in all organs. Each cell produces its own magnetic field. Any disturbance in this magnetic field indicates a disorder. This equilibrium can be restored with the help of magnets, according to many researchers. Water that comes from wells, lakes, or running streams naturally charged as it flows through the earth’s magnetic field. During the water treatment and transportation phase, this water passes underneath the ground through metallic pipes where the charge dissipates. When using magnetic fields to treat water natural energy and balance promote better health.

  • Dimensions of Base: 2 5/8 in by 2 ½ in by 1 ½ in depth
  • Domino Magnet: 2in by 1in by 1/2in
  • No salt
  • Maintenance Free
  • May remove hard water scale Softer feeling water Home or commercial applications Healthy for humans or pets and plants
TC-Water Mag