Magnetic Power Pad

Reference ID: OM-PWR-PAD

This magnetic water power pad is great for liquids, water, lotions, gels or food products. Experiment with this magnetic water power pad with other items such as lotions, orange juice and soda.

The magnetic field provides a large magnetic energy field from the thin 3/8ths inch x 4 inches in diameter magnetic power pad. Magnetic energy extends to 22 inches above the pad.

This Power Pad needs less than one minute to change the polarity of whatever liquid you prefer, to either Bio North liquid (-) negative polarity, or Bio South (+) positive polarity.

By using this pad on the Bio North side (-) negative, by applying a liquid on this side makes whatever you are drinking more soluble for you body, so your body will hydrate faster if you are running, working out, or just out in the heat!


The Magnetic Power Pad for Ionization of any liquids or foods
Magnetism takes about 30 seconds. Regular users of magnetic water keep a container of water or juice on a power pad magnet in the refrigerator. (Place any liquid on the magnetic power pad and The magnet will magnetize the liquid in 30 seconds. The water will stay magnetized.) Using the Magnetic Water Pad can rejuvenate your drinking water with its north and south poles.

North: north pole liquids are internally to promote antacid, alkaline condition in the body and in treatments for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. 

South: South pole liquids are used internally when the body is depressed, tired and exhausted. South pole treatments will increase the effectiveness of massage oils.

  •  What the magnetic water power pad can be used for:
  • Magnetic Water Power Pad is for magnetizing water or liquids
  • Magnetizing water or liquids may help the body absorb nutrients faster
  • Magnetizing water or liquids may help with improved hydration and digestion, elimination of ulcers, reduction of acidic and infectious conditions, better oxygenation of the blood, clearing of clogged arteries, normalization of the circulatory system
  • Magnetic water tastes sweeter and has more clarity, > (-) field polarized.
  • Magnetic water may reduce acidity in the body and promotes a more alkaline pH, > (-) field polarized.
  • Magnetic water may promote healing of wounds and burns > (-) field polarized.
  • Magnetic water power pad construction: Ceramic Extra Strength Solid Magnet, Enamel coats the outside of the magnet.
  • Magnetic power pad has 2500 gauss surface strength
  • The energy field is 22” above the pad.
  • Blue Side (-)
  • Red Side (+)
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