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The Invisible Force By Fred Rinker

PrefaceMy interests in magnets developed from a chance disscussion with a friend. He later found, and gave me a book called The Anatomy of biomagnetism, written by Albert Roy Davis Ph.D. Shortly after I visited Dr. Davis' research center in Florida and met with his associate Walter Rawls.(THIS BOOK HAS BEEN TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH)


The Invisible Force By Fred Rinker

Summary on back of book: Fred Rinker has succeeded in presenting all pertinent elements of magnetic therapy, the theory and the fractual benefits gained from the use of magnets in a concise and very readable book. His writing style, summarzing the essential information of present day by the layman and is equally aceptable to the professional. This book encapsules the physics of magnets, how they affect changes in the body, a complete examination of health problems that may be benefited by the use of magnets and how to apply them. THE INVISIBLE FORCE should be in the library of interested in improving their health naturally. It's a "must have" book to be used as prime references for beginners as well as advanced practitioners of magnetic therapy. Retail $11.95

The Invisible Force
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