Discovery of Magnetic Health

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Discovery of Magnetic Health  A health care Alternative by George j. Washnis and Richard Z. Hricak

This book is for both the lay-person who is unfamilar with magnetic therapy and the medical professional. It demonstrates that the application of magnetic fields can make a difference. It presents facts, arguments, answers, case histories, controlled studies analyses and recommendations for research


Back of the book: "george Washnis has written a marvelous new book on the application of magnetics in clinical therapeutics. He has reviewed a signigiant amount of scientific material and has intervied numerous current researchers and practitioners. He has discovered many practitioners I was now aware of.... Most people who are likely to be interested in this field would not be able to do this much work. He (Mr. Washnis) has done the important task of summerizing this knowledge for us, all in one volume. His bibliography alone will be worth the price of the book. He makes a very clear case that more research needs to be done and that there is now enough empirical clinical experience on the therapeutic benefits of permanent magnets that this field should be taken seriously as a potentially significant addition to clinical medicine...I applaud and thank him for his heroic contribution and making my life easier by doing a lot of the literature research for me, expanding my knowledge with different perspectives and stimulating me to also get out there and make this information more widely." William Pawluk, M.D.,M.SC.

Discovery of Magnetic Health