Magnetic POW-R-Ring
  • Magnetic POW-R-Ring

Magnetic POW-R-Ring

Reference ID: R-115B

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic Rings may help relieve pain in your hands and fingers, also may help reduce inflammation, stiffness and circulation to your outer limbs. This magnetic ring can be used on any finger. If you are having pain in your toes you can use it as a magnetic toe ring.


This Pow-R-Mag Magnetic Ring is made up of (54) individual N-50 rated Rare Earth Neodymium magnets. These magnets are 2mm x6mm (2000) gauss strength cylinder magnets. This magnet ring is 4 inches in length and offers the highest strength available among our ring selection. The Pow-R-Mag ring is clasp less; therefore no hooks, clasps, or tedious latches to mess with. Just pull the magnetic ring apart anywhere; then put it around your finger or toe and place it back together. The magnetic force will keep your Pow-R-Mag magnet ring together under normal use. This magnetic ring comes in: Gold, Nickel and Chrome finishes. You can add and remove links to create a custom fit.

  • Made of individual Cylinder Magnets
  • 2000 Gauss Strength magnets (N50)
  • 4 inches in length. (Normally makes more then 1 ring)
  • This ring can be used as a magnetic toe ring