Magnetic Neodymium Necklace 3x3
  • Magnetic Neodymium Necklace 3x3

Magnetic Neodymium Necklace

Reference ID: 3x3-N-20-G

Our Pow-R-Mag series is made up of N-50 neodymium magnets. This Necklace is made of rare earth neodymium magnets, which is the strongest magnetic therapy necklace available. Magnetic necklaces may help reduce arthritis pain, muscle soreness, a stiff neck, and any pain in the neck and shoulder area.

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This neodymium magnetic necklace is comprised of individual N-50 strength rated rare earth neodymium magnets. Each magnet is 3mm X 3mm containing a 2000 gauss strength rated cylinder magnet.

The Pow-R-Mag is clasp less; therefore no hooks, clasps, or tedious latches to mess with. Just pull the necklace apart anywhere and put it around your neck and place it back together. The magnetic force will keep the Pow-R-Mag together under normal use. This necklace is available in gold, nickel, chrome and nickel/gold. This neodymium magnetic necklace is a lightweight yet casual design. If you are experiencing problems with tension, muscle knots, neck injuries, arthritis, or common stiff neck, this magnetic necklace may be your answer.

Try it; you will be amazed at the results. The cost of one pain prescription is more expensive than this necklace, and the magnetic power with-in the Pow-R-Mag Necklace may make the difference in your life’s quality.

  • 20 inches in length
  • 172 magnets
  • 2000 gauss strength per magnet
  • 3mm X 3mm Cylinder magnets
  • Available in Gold, Nickel, Chrome
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