Magnetic Knee Brace
  • Magnetic Knee Brace
  • Magnetic Knee Brace

Magnetic Knee Brace


Our magnetic knee brace provides non-invasive pain relief by utilizing magnetic fields. This knee brace provides support compression, improved circulation, induced relaxation and enhanced well being. This magnetic knee brace is great for people who participate in sports or are very active. 

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Magnetic Therapy for Knee Pain

Our magnetic knee braces is a wrap-around design with velcro closure system that easily adjusts to your knee size with a reinforced center. There are (16) 3000 gauss strength per ceramic magnet incased in the magneitc knee brace. All of the magnets in this magnetic knee brace were place strategically to provide the most magnetic energy to the knee area. 

Magnetic Therapy:

Our magnetic knee brace may relieve pain in and around the knee area. Magnets may help with circulation problems.

  • Color: Blue
  • Velcro Closure
  • (16) 3000 gauss Strength magnets
  • Regular Size: H:10.5" L:17"
  • Large Size H:10.5: L:20.5:
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