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Magnetic Hair Brush
  • Magnetic Hair Brush
  • Magnetic Hair Brush
  • Magnetic Hair Brush

Magnetic Hairbrush


This is a 7 inch folding pocket portable magnetic hair brush. This magnetic hair brush is a great travel companion and this application of magnetic therapy can be used anywhere at anytime. This magnetic hairbrush may stimaulate new hair growth. By using this magnetic hair brush you may stimulate acupressure points on your head as well.


This Magnetic Hair brush is a 7 inch folding portable brush that can be folded down and accompany you in your pocket, purse or cosmetic pouch for traveling. This magnetic hair brush has (8) powerful 2700 gauss strength magnets. The magnets are embedded in the bristles along the center row of the brush, and deliver natural bio magnetic energy to the hair and scalp. This is a great for use everyday or traveling, and a great magnetic therapy gift item.  We have been told that people love this Magnetic hair brush because its so compact and can fit anywhere. We find that is magnetic hair brush is so popular people don't purchase it because of the magnetic qualities, they like it because of the it is small and can fold up and fil in there purse. 

  • Magnetic folding hair brush is ideal as a daily brush or as a travel brush
  • Accessory folds over, packing down to a compact 4 inches long
  • Slips into its own traveling draw string pouch for a neat little package
  • Bristle tips have a red plastic coating that is smooth and rounded for extra comfort
  • Eight powerful magnets embedded under the middle row of bristles
  • Use daily or as often as you like, as you would any ordinary brush to enhance the vitality of your head and hair
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