Magnetic Gold Ear Pellets
  • Magnetic Gold Ear Pellets

Gold Magnetic Ear Pellets


These magnetic ear pellets are used for Acupressure. The magnetic ear pellets contains 8 sheets of 20 1mm mini magnet gold plated spheres, with adhesives for easy acupressure applications. We recommend having them put on by a licensed professional. 


These are gold plated small acupressure mini magnet spheres for the ear, hand, and body. These magnetic ear pellet spheres are wonderful little magnets that provide great stimulation for acupressure application, and being gold plated they are Hypoallergenic.

Gold plated Mini Magnetic Ear Pellets Information:

  • Each Mini Magnet Sphere, also considered Ear Dots provides 600 gauss magnetic surface strength.
  • Gold Plated magnet sphere ear pellet
  • These mini ear pellet magnet spheres are 1 mm in diameter
  • The Golden Mini Spheres are supplied on 5mm adhesive tape.
  • 20 mini magnet spheres per sheet, and you receive 8 sheets for a total of 160 acupressure mag dots to use on yourself or patients for hands, head, or ears, with easy application

Gold 1 mm Mini Mangetic Ear Pellet Acupressure Application: The combination of using the gold mini ear dot magnets on acupressure points creates a synergy, which enhances the treatment for a multitude of conditions from head to toe at the acupressure or meridian points. These golden ear dots are great for the office or classroom on acupressure models, or on yourself.

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