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Magnetic Headband
  • Magnetic Headband
  • Magnetic Headband

Magnetic Headband

Reference ID: TC-HDBND

Magnetic Therapy Magnetic Headband was designed with tension, migraine, or stress headache application in mind. This magnetic headband has (2) 1000 gauss surface strength rated health magnets. This magnetic headband is easy simply wrap around your head and velcro where needed. 


This Magnetic Head band is made from soft, cotton (in the forehead area), and polyester backing. This magnetic headband is adjustable with a velcro closing and provides (10) 1000-gauss surface strength rated health magnets for excellent magnetic therapy. These small magnets can be easily repositioned for the location of desired relief or additional magnet discs could be added - in the cotton liner. You may never have to use aspirin again?

Magnetic Therapy

  • This lightweight magnetic headband features 2 packets which each contain (5) 1000 gauss surface strength magnets. If you need more magnet strength you can simply add an acupressure magnet (.25 x 2mm loctated under our Neodymium magnets) for deeper penetration. This magnetic headband has help many people with tension headachs. 

Magnetic Head band Construction:

  • Soft cotton with polyester backing.
  • Velcro closure for easy adjusting.
  • This magnetic headband is 27 inches long and 2 inches in width and tan in color.
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