Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Thumb Wrap
  • Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Thumb Wrap

Magnetic Wrist Wrap for Carpal Tunnel

Reference ID: TC-C/T-BAND

Our exclusive Magnetic wrist wrap was specifically designed for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This design has the new stretch comfort neoprene band with thumb loop lock and (8) 2500 gauss strength health magnets which allows for accurate one-hand tension adjustment for great magnetic therapy. This is the strongest magnetic wrist band for carpal tunnel syndrome.


Magnetic Therapy Sales decided to develop an "Exclusive" Carpal Tunnel magnetic wrist band. You control the magnetic wrist wrap tension for the exact support and comfort you need. This magnetic wrist band is popular among weight lifters because it gives firm support for the wrist, thumb and carpal tunnel zones.

Magnetic Therapy for wrist wrap: 
Each of the (8) health magnet provides 2500 gauss rated surface strength in this Magnetic Wrist Band.

One size fits all.

Magnetic Carpal Thumb Wrap construction:

  • 2 5/8 inches in width x 12" long
  • 1" diameter thumb loophole.
  • Soft neoprene material

This is the only one! A magnetic carpal tunnel band that provides this type of magnetic power! Eight 2500 gauss health magnets! Your wrists will appreciate what this magnetic carpal tunnel wristband may provide in the way of relief.

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