Magnetic Full Shoulder Pad
  • Magnetic Full Shoulder Pad
  • Magnetic Full Shoulder Pad

Magnetic Full Shoulder Pad

Reference ID: TC-SH-FULL

Magnetic Therapy has come to the aid of stiff necks, knots in the shoulders and neck, whiplash, and other problems for the neck and shoulder region. This magnetic shoulder pad provides a full coverage from front to back. 


Our magnetic shoulder pad covers 12 inches long front to back and 16 inches wide to cover the shoulder. There are (43) 1000 Gauss surface strength Bio North (-) health magnets. This can be easily worn under a shirt or blouse for all day relief while at work or play. Magnetic Therapy's Magnetic Shoulder Pad is designed with a soft cotton pad that places the Bio North (-) health magnets over the entire shoulder area, both front and back, and side-to-side, for excellent magnetic therapy coverage. A Velcro fastener secures both ends in the front. This magnetic shoulder support may provide excellent relief for consistent pain from tension knots, whiplash, and stress relief.

Magnetic Therapy:

  • 43 magnets
  • 1000 gauss strength per magnet
  • may increase energy
  • may reduce pain
  • may prevent injury
  • Can be worn all day.

Magnetic Shoulder Pad construction

  • This soft cotton/Nylon magnetic full shoulder pad was designed to be worn around neck, bib like, and draped over shoulders next to the skin.
  • 12 inches from front to back and 16 inches in width.
  • The color is beige.
  • Hand wash, air dry.


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