Acupressure Ear Magnets

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 Ear acupressure provides many benefits to the human body. Auricular therapy is acupressure for the ear. The ear contains more than two hundred pressure points that influence different areas of the body and the psyche.


Acupressure based from the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture; researchers in France developed it. Today we benefit from both ancient eastern tradition and the 21st century’s scientific approach.

Theory: One of the main concepts behind ear therapy --- also called "auriculotherapy" --- is that the ear resembles an image of an inverted human fetus. Auriculotherapy maps each pressure point of the body onto the ear, according to the website Auriculotherapy. The head aligns with the harder cartilage just above the earlobe while the spine and legs follow the curve of cartilage up to the top of the ear. Key points on this ear map, when stimulated with needles, heat or pressure, said to create a healing response in the corresponding organ, system or area. Using acupressure magnets can help many parts of your body. The acupuncture points throughout the body are the same points used for acupressure. However, magnets replace the use of acupuncture needles. Magnets can be applied to any number of acupressure points. The Neodymium Rare Earth magnet made with Neodymium powder, Boron powder, and Ferrite powder, providing the highest amount of energy of any magnet of a comparable size and the N-50 is the most powerful grade and the most expensive to manufacture in the Neodymium family!

Acupressure ear magnets may provide relief for addictions, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, depression, headaches, hunger, hypertension, pain, panic attacks and weight problems. Auricular acupressure used when wearing magnetic earrings or ear magnets.

  • Pack of 20
  • Ear dot Magnets
  • N-50 Rates Neodymium
  • Attach 2 magnets to the ear for them to stay
  • 1800 Gauss strength per magnet
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Gold Plated
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