Small Round Cloth Adhesive Tape for Magnets
  • Small Round Cloth Adhesive Tape for Magnets

Cloth Adhesive for Magnet

Reference ID: OM-DOT-40

Spot magnet replacement cotton adhesive. These round spot magnet adhesives are 3/4" in diameter for "Spot Magnet" Therapy Products. These are great spot magnet adhesive replacements for .25 inch spot magnets or OM-2500 Magnet Kit.


Our .75 inch replacement cloth adhesive tape is perfect for our .25 inch magnets or our OM-2500 Magnet kit. This package contains (40) cloth spot magnet replacement adhesives. The cloth adhesive is easy to apply. This adhesive was made for magnets 1/4-inch (or smaller). This mag plaster is great for acupressure magnet application. This mag dot cloth replacement adhesive allows the skin to breathe. Ten adhesives are placed on each sheet with circular stamped cutout for easy magnet replacement. You simply, pull this stamped cutout off and place your replacement magnet directly on the adhesive, then, peel the rest of the backing off to make the easiest application available in a spot magnet replacement adhesive. 

  • Replacement adhesive
  • 40 per pack (10 per sheet)
  • For magnets under .25 inches
  • Breathable cloth adhesive
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