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Economy Magnetic Mattress Pads

One of the most exciting advances in the field of Alternative and Complementary Health care is the use of magnets for a non-invasive, non-medicating method of treatment for a variety of symptoms. After a decade or more of increasing popularity, major medical institutions are beginning to study the effect of magnetic fields on sleep patterns, pain, and various medical conditions. We've always known a good night's sleep is important to physical and mental health. Our most popular magnetic mattress pad is our economy series magnetic mattress pads. This is our most economical and cost effective magnetic mattress pad. This magnetic mattress pad is made in the USA. This magnetic mattress pad unique because of the two layers of polyester fiber filling. This economy magnetic mattress pad has ceramic magnets with a 3950 gauss surface strength cradled in the 2 layers of polyester fiber filling. All of the magnets are placed in a unique grid pattern to bathe your entire body in Bio North (-) magnetic energy field. This magnetic mattress pad is ½ inch thick providing an ultimate deep-sleep surface and is backed by a one year manufacturer's defect only warranties. Magnetic Therapy Sales Specialists, Inc. makes no health claims for this product. Testimonials on this site come from users of the product, in their own words. For your convenience, these pages contain more information about some of our customers' conditions and symptoms that are relayed to us.
Economy Magnetic Mattress Pad

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