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Magnetic Insoles

Living with foot Pain? Magnetic insoles could be your ANSWER! If you have any type of foot pain it is hard to live with especially if you are on your feet all day. Our feet have a very important roll of carrying our body wherever we need it to go and using magnetic insoles may help. Many people tend to ignore their foot pain because they care for other areas of there body. Foot pain causes you to walk differently so we don’t feel the pain. This is why using magnetic insoles can benefit you. This may cause other muscles to hold you posture different, affecting your whole body. This eventually has a domino affect other parts of our body. Using magnetic insoles may help to treat the pain in your feet and help other aliment in your body because you begin walking normal. Foot pain can be caused from any of the following: There are many different things that cause foot pain. Bunions, stress fractures, blisters, plantar faciitis, tendonitis, stress arch pain, can cause foot pain, or foot pain can be related to diabetes and osteoarthritis. How do Magnetic Insoles work? Magnetic insoles may help relieve pain in the foot areas. The magnets increase blood flow to the area they touch by attracting the iron in the blood, by relaxing capillary walls, surrounding muscle and connective tissue. The increased blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the injured or painful body part, thus rushing the healing. Therefore the magnetic insoles may help many of the pain causing problems.

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