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Magnetic Stainless Steel Bracelets

Magnetic bracelets are becoming more and more popular every day. People are getting sick of the traditional medicine consisting cortisone shots or having surgery. This is why people are turning to magnetic bracelets for arthritis or carpal tunnel to relieve pain. It’s up to you to decide if a magnetic bracelet may work for you. We carry a verity of magnetic stainless steel bracelets for men and women. People use magnetic bracelets for many different things. Ancient Egyptians and ancient Chinese were founded to be the first to use magnetic therapy for healing. Magnetic stainless steel bracelets can be used to treat arthritis in the wrists and hands. Vicki Pfeiffer purchased one of our magnetic bracelets for arthritis.  She said “after about a week of using my magnetic bracelet I could move my fingers and pick something up without dropping it. The best part was the pain was gone. I was amazed because I was skeptical about magnetic therapy and using a magnetic stainless steel bracelet in general.” People suffering from carpal tunnel there is an answer for you as well, a magnetic bracelet. A customer came into our store and purchased two magnetic bracelet because he could not bear the pain anymore. His surgery was scheduled a week after he purchased his magnetic bracelet. He stopped by the day of his surgery and told us he cancelled the carpal tunnel surgery because the magnetic therapy worked. Magnetic bracelets may also help circulation problems throughout the hands and wrists.

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