King Economy Magnetic Pads

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Our Economy King magnetic pad is our economy line of magnetic mattress pads. This magnetic mattress pad has (240) magnets with a 1000 gauss surface strength. This Economy Magnetic mattress is 78" X 80". Studies have shown magnetic mattress pads may help improve circulation, may prevent calcium build up and may provide optimum comfort for people suffering from joint and/or muscle pain.

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We are so excited to have our exclusive MDP Economy Magnetic Mattress pads available again. It took us almost three years of trials and failures to find a manufacture that could produce the quality and construction needed for our clients, while providing affordability.Each magnetic mattress pad is engineered for complete comfort including a magnetic energy field for full body coverage. 

Magnetic Therapy information:

The magnets in the magnetic mattress pad may work with the iron in your blood thus speeding up the flow of blood throughout your body. The other positive benefit from this magnetic mattress pad is you are providing magnetic energy to your entire body because of the magnetic grid layer providing excellent magnetic therapy while sleeping. This layer allows a magnetic field to penetrate 6-7 inches above the magnetic mattress pad.

  • Circular health grade magnets provide a 1000 Ceramic gauss surface strength
  • Magnet size: 30mm x5mm thick (238) Total magnets
  • Magnetic energy radiates up to 6-7 inches above the magnetic pad, providing the best magnetic energy field available.

Magnetic Pad Construction:

      • The first layer is high quality cotton fabric.
      • The second layer is a polyester filling which makes the pad soft so you do not feel the magnets.
      • The third layer is a high quality fabric.
      • The fourth layer is a non woven fabric with the magnet sealed in an individual pouch
      • The fifth bottom layer is a polyester non woven fabric
      • The edge is bound with a high quality fabric 
  • Magnetic energy radiates up to 6-7 inches above the magnetic pad, providing magnetic therapy energy.

 King Magnetic Pad Size: 

Size: 78" wide X 80" 

Caution: Do not use magnetic products if you have a pacemaker or electric implants of any kind.

 Please note: this product is considered personal in nature, and thus cannot be returned or exchanged once used


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