Magnetic Dragon Cuff
  • Magnetic Dragon Cuff

Magnetic Bracelet Dragon

Reference ID: B-307

The Benefits of Magnetic Therapy: Magnetic Bracelets may help relieve pain in your hands and wrist areas, also may help reduce inflammation, stiffness and circulation to your outer limbs. If you have Carpal Tunnel, arthritis, Ganglion cord and/or dupuytren's contracture in your hand and wrist area you should consider a magnetic bracelet.


This magnetic cuff bracelet features the dragon and the phoenix, ultimate symbols of the yin and yang. The dragon is a symbol of male vigor and the phoenix symbol is female beauty. This magnetic bracelet can be worn everyday to provide the most magnetic therapy to treat carpal tunnel, arthritis and other pain in your hands and wrists. 

9mm Wide
2 Epoxy coated magnets
2500 Gauss Strength per magnet
Fits (6 to 8 inch wrist)
24k electroplated texture finish

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