.75 inch Flexible Cloth Adhesive

Reference ID: OM-DOT-40

This is a flexible replacement adhesive for acupressue magnets. This pack includes 40 one time use adhesives. The adhesives do not contain any magnets, they are purchased seperatly. The adhesive is .75 or 3/4 of an inch. This product is the replacement adhesives for MTSS-2500, OM-2500 or MAG.25x2mm, MAG.25x1mm. 

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This is a spot magnet replacement adhesive used for OM-2500, MTSS-2500, mag.25x2mm, Mag.25x1mm magnets. Magnets are not included. This package contains 40 individual felixable cloth adhesive. Each Adhesive contans a circular stamped cutout for easy magnet replacement. Pull the stamped cut out off and place the magnet directly on the adhesive then you are ready to apply to the skin.

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