Magnetic Leg Support Products

We have a wide range of magnetic therapy products for the legs. For many people who do not want magnets taped to there knees we have other options for you such as a magnetic knee tube, magnetic knee brace, or magnetic knee support. We also offer magnetic ankle bracelets for your achs in your ankle. Our Mangeitc knee brace is the most popular becuase the knee brace provides support and mangetic therapy at the same time. Magnetic therapy may be able to help with unbearable pain from joints or muscles. If you want to put a magnet directly on your patella we have the perfect product for you, the magnetic patella knee strap. The magnetic ankle wrap is great to hold the magnets in place when you are sleeping.  We offer an array of magnetic therapy for calf’s, knees, and ankles. Any of our magnetic therapy products may help with joint pain, stiffness, or muscle ach. 

Magnetic knee tube

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